5th Earl Market Allagash Dinner

5th Earl Market in Decatur, GA is doing some great things with their food and beer options. Their beer selection is somewhat limited, but the selections they offer are outstanding. Next month, on July 19th at 7pm, they'll be hosting an Allagash beer dinner, and I'm already salivating just typing that out and reading it aloud. Cost is $55/person and limited to 45 people. The menu goes like this:

Food: Tomato on Toast (Roasted Tomato Quenelle, Goat Cheese Moussiline, Balsamic Jelly, Basil Oil)
Drink: Allagash White

Course I
Food: Peach Carpaccio (Shaved Peaches, Roquefort Blue Cheese, Baby Arugula, Lemon,Wood Grilled Shrimp)
Drink: Allagash Tripel Reserve

Course II
Food: Beer For Breakfast (Fried Duck Eggs, Ostrich Sausage, Potato & Parmesan Fritters, Sauce Charon)
Drink: Allagash Hugh Malone

Course III
Food: Bressler’s Baby Back Ribs (Southern Spice Rub, Warm Purple Potato Salad, 5th Earl BBQ Sauce)
Drink: Allagash Musette

Course IV
Food: Dark Chocolate Mousse (Grand Marnier Ice Cream, White Chocolate Nougat, Sugar Candies)
Drink: Allagash Dubbel Reserve

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