Winter Awards

I've been able to try a wide variety of styles, and my tastebuds are starting to be confused about what they like more. I decided the only way to settle this would be to hand out some Winter awards based on what I've tried.

Best Overall Beer:

Trappistes Rochefort 10 (Quadrupel, 11.3% abv) - Nathan hooked me up with this as a gift for being in his wedding. Funny enough, I've had this beer once before and thought it was just okay. This time around, it was flat out amazing. Alcohol+figs, raisons, yeast, and candy all put in one beer...fantastic! Rated #1 beer in the world in latest beer advocate magazine ratings. Who am I to disagree?

Best Belgian Winter ale:

Canaster Winterscotch Ale (Belgian Strong Dark Ale, 8.7% abv) Went up to brick store for one drink on a random Saturday afternoon and happened to catch this on draught. What an amazing decision that turned out to be. From the De Glazen Toren brewery that brought us the Cuvee Angelique and the Jan De Lichte. Amazing brewery. Amazing beer.

Best Christmas Ale:

Corsendonk Christmas Ale (Belgian Strong Dark Ale, 8.5% abv) I tried them all...St. Bernardus, Scaldis, De Dolle, Delirium, Gouden Carolus to name a few. Corsendonk just seemed to have the perfect blend of sweetness and alcohol making it the smoothest, tastiest thing I tried this winter. Everyone that tried this seemed to rave about it. Well done.

Ms. Congeniality:

Samichlaus Bier (Doppelbock, 14% abv) Easily the strongest beer I've ever tried. Maybe the most interesting as well, as it seems to taste more like brandy than a beer. It got better with every sweet sip and made me glad I tried it. This Austrian beer is only brewed once per year (December 6th) and is aged for 10 months before bottling. Unique. Perfect choice for Ms. Congeniality.
Most Disappointing:

Terrapin Dos Cocoas (American Porter, 5.8% abv) I hate to throw the local brewery under the bus, but this beer just didn't do it for me. Every taste seemed smokier and drier than the last. I kept looking for that cocoa taste to come out...but sadly, it never did. Someone had to win this award, don't feel too bad Terrapin...I'll still drink your other stuff.

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