I like Gnome Nectar

Gnomes just get it. But, do you know who gets it more than the gnomes? The Brasserie d'Achouffe does, that's who. I've had 3 of their special treats and this is how I'd rate them.

La Chouffe A
This belgian strong pale ale is 8% abv and full of sweet flavor that is candy in your mouth.
McChouffe A+
My personal favorite of the Chouffe beers is a belgian strong dark ale that is also 8% abv and has a darker, spicier taste than the La Chouffe, but still has plenty of sweetness. Near perfection.

Houblon Chouffe A-
The harder to find of the Chouffes, this Belgian IPA is 9% abv and fully of citrusy sweetness that will make you question previous beer choices you've made.

I'm no scholar but I do know that this brewery gets straight A's in my book...and my book counts for a lot. If these beers are good enough for a little guy with a big nose then it's certainly good enough for me. Enjoy!


Nathaniel K. Berrong said...

La Chouffe is my favorite of the three.

Harvey Birdman said...

nobody asked you.

Pooja said...

i love that little guy... and nathan.