Tonight - Sealing the Seventh Sign (Beer)

Tonight is going to rule pretty hard. Tonight we (Jarrod and I) complete a great feat. We're trying the final two Trappist beers we have not had, completing the goal of having tasted all seven. Tonight we'll sample Orval and Achel. I'm pretty pumped about trying both, as they both have great reputations in the beer world. Here's the five we've previously had, with my favorite style they brew in parenthesis, followed by a brief rating and my thoughts on each:

Trappist Westvleteren (12): A+++. Easily the best beverage that has ever entered my mouth.
Rochefort (Trappistes 10): A+. I love quadrupels, and this is probably my favorite.
Westmalle Trappist (Tripel): A+. The best tripel I've had, really smooth and drinkable.
Chimay (Tripel/White): A. An incredible beer, widely available, look for the white label.
Koningshoeven (La Trappe Dubbel): A. An amazing dubbel, better than its tripel sibling.

Review of the Orval and Achel's coming soon...


Harvey Birdman said...

As you may know I enjoy the La Trappe Dubbel and Westmalle Dubbel more than their Triple counterparts...

All good calls though...I'd probably give the Rochefort at B though.

Nathaniel K. Berrong said...

I actually think I liked the la trappe dubbel more too. i'll change that. i've yet to have the westmalle dubbel.