Pushing for a spot in my Top 10

Back in April I made a list of my top 10 beers at that time. Most of those delicious brews still remain in said list, but here are a few that are pushing to make the cut in the next release of my top 10.

Easily going to be in my next 10:

Abbaye Des Rocs Triple Imperiale - (A+) all the way...such a complex mixture of sweet fruits and spices that go down so crisp and smooth. I know Nathan is with me on this one.

N'ice Chouffe (A) This is now my favorite Chouffe beer, even ahead of the McChouffe. Look for this one to move into my top 6 after this strong, dark winter warmer pleased my tastebuds.

On the cusp of greatness:

Piraat (A-) This Belgian IPA is as good as it is strong. There is a slight bitterness, that is quickly erased by a flood of sweetness that makes this one of the better beers I've had. Made by the same brewery as the Gulden Draak.

Cuvee Angelique (A-) this Dubbel wowed a table of friends last month and I've been thinking about it ever since then. It boasts the perfect level of sweetness that will make you grin like a little boy.

La Binchoise Speciale Noel (A-) this Belgian strong pale ale made a believer out of this Belgian dark fan. You'll never believe it has 9% alcohol after having a sip of this creamy dessert.

Not quite there, but a darn good 'un:

Jan De Lichte (B+) paired extremly nice with Piave cheese at the 5th earl market. Made by the same brewery as the Cuvee Angelique.

Schneider-Brooklyner Hopfen-Weisse (B+) paired like a champ with Cypress Grove Purple Haze cheese at the 5th earl market. This was brewed at the Schneider brewery with Brooklyn Brewery hops. I approve.

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